Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Divinely Beautiful Sexy Dress

A lamentation, ladies, from me.

Just a few years ago this was my favorite style of dress,
strapless, opulent, bubble or balloon skirt (mini/maxi)
gorgeous jewelry, spectacular shoes

And, because I'm 5'7" tall with really great legs
I could carry this off quite well.

Having no idea how it happened, 
I now find I don't want my chest to show
(my perfect ivory skin now has freckles from too much sun,
& if one looks carefully maybe the 1st signs of maturity is showing).

Also, don't want my upper arms showing
(everyone knows why, don't they?)

Alas, neither my daughter nor my daughter-in-law likes
this overly-girly style for themselves.

So, I'm left with looking at pretty pictures
or the actual dresses I own but no longer wear
which are hanging in my closet...
looking divinely beautiful.

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  1. I bet you would look "divinely beautiful" still.

  2. I feel the same way ... but you know what ... I'm still wearing those dresses!
    You sound like you've still got it ... so flaunt it honey!
    Love that orange dress!

  3. What beautiful photos - I really like your style! I'm with Soho500 - I bet you would look divinely beautiful as well:) Thanks for you comments too xo!

  4. Divinely beautiful indeed. And I for one, do not think they are too girly. I think with the proper accessories an attitude, they can be quite sophisticated!


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