Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Divinely Beautiful Sexy Dress

A lamentation, ladies, from me.

Just a few years ago this was my favorite style of dress,
strapless, opulent, bubble or balloon skirt (mini/maxi)
gorgeous jewelry, spectacular shoes

And, because I'm 5'7" tall with really great legs
I could carry this off quite well.

Having no idea how it happened, 
I now find I don't want my chest to show
(my perfect ivory skin now has freckles from too much sun,
& if one looks carefully maybe the 1st signs of maturity is showing).

Also, don't want my upper arms showing
(everyone knows why, don't they?)

Alas, neither my daughter nor my daughter-in-law likes
this overly-girly style for themselves.

So, I'm left with looking at pretty pictures
or the actual dresses I own but no longer wear
which are hanging in my closet...
looking divinely beautiful.

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