Friday, April 16, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened....

Over at the Manor House

Not often, but every now & then,
Chantelle's father,
who usually stayed in the background of social functions,
would find something unacceptable...

when Chantelle was a young girl

& this was one of those times.

Mom-Mom, his mother,
 the uber-extravagant socialite jet-setter,

had been given an unlimited budget for the
Pink Panther Party
she had exceeded it in 3 days !

He was furious.

So, kids...changes had to be made at once...because the invitations
needed to be printed, etc. etc. etc.

Oh, my my my

Well, you know the Frances Ford Coppola Pink Champagne
from last week was not about to go,

and there would definitely be a pink open bar for everyone

  very indulgent Cosmopolitan's 

 & Strawberry Margaritas

and, of course, Pink Bombay Martinis
(no photo necessary)

She did, though, give up the Caviar Bar with various almost-frozen vodkas
(nearly killed her too)

she made other substitutions as well...

For example, the Pink Limousine would now be

& instead of the Symphony Jazz Quartet, she would just hire
mariachis dressed in pink.

OMG, she simply would NOT give up the beautiful gown she had
ordered from Karl, nor would Chelsea or Chantelle...
I mean, there was a limit...

and she had already commissioned these little tiaras for
each of the girls

...a good party had to have a little whimsy

Remember the long row of tables in the pink
restaurant...this is where the seated dinner would be.

instead of the huge lovely ice sculptures she had planned,
these balloons would be used...
you know, they are kinda cute anyway, aren't they?

and these various-shades-of-pink bouquets running down
the tables...not nearly as wonderful as the orchids she
wanted, but...

The chef had worked out the menu, she replaced the lamb
with tenderloin of beef (who knew?)
would be serving wine from her own cellar to keep the costs down.

Thank God, Vito would be pleased then.

She wouldn't tell him,
she would just let him see
 Domaine de la RomanĂ©e-Conti,
being poured into her own beautiful stemmed crystal goblets

well, this was for Chantelle, her ONLY granddaughter
and Sean, the man Chantelle had fallen in love with.

She wanted them to have a lovely memory, a beautiful
party with all of their friends surrounding them...
she had calculated there would be about 80 guests
including the family...
and, after all, Vito was her SON...what on Earth could he do
to his own MOTHER?

Chantelle & Sean, are splendid it seems,
so we are throwing a party to fulfill all their dreams.

Each one is invited, but you must play by the rules
and dress as requested so you'll be cool.

Go back in time to the Pink Panther days,
imagine Mancini's music filling the waves

to loo to loo    to loo to loo,   to loo to loo ,
da dum, da dum, da dum da dum da dum
da dum  da dum...

the party will go on till dawn's early light
so prepare to celebrate with all of your might


story to be continued next Pink Saturday 

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a very special thank you goes to Catherine at The Shiny Pebble
for collaborating with me on this post today,
and to Fifi Flowers who took time from her Paris vacation
to give me inspiration,
and to Sandra Bullock, Kate Hudson & Ryan Seacrest for
continuing support of my blogging creativity.
Madonna too.