Friday, April 9, 2010

Ideal, "I" Day A-Z Challenge

Lately, I've been noting that perhaps my
blog needed more whimsy or foolishness,
you know to get a smile or maybe even
a laugh from the ladies who choose to read these random

With "I" day upon me, it suddenly occurred to me that


"I" could reveal to the world my idea of


Sean Connery

the ideal man, the ideal actor, the ideal gentleman,
the ideal golfer, the ideal husband
(well, you know he's been married to the same woman for like eons),
the ideal friend, the ideal sartorial, the ideal world's sexiest man,
(a few years ago, before George Clooney et al),
 definitely the ideal James Bond 007,
& I've met Pierce Brosnan also, Sean is still the ONE...

and-I-got-to-meet-him-once-in-New York City-and-he-was-the-most-

My idea of


always & forever will be
Sean Connery

or his twin. 

 As Steven Spielberg puts it,

 "There are only a few movie stars in the world
Sean Connery is definately one of them."

he has aged very very well, hasn't he?

painting done by his wife, Micheline

& this, my lovelies, could be his twin...
British, a PhD, lives in Houston 1/2 time,
the world the rest, &
I think we could be a match...
really...we met a year ago.

Coincidence, Karma, Wishing on a Star ??
what do you think?


  1. I say go for it!! find out what he holds for you!

    Art by Karena

  2. Mr. Connery sure is a handsome devil!
    Just love your blog, a new follower!

  3. Bonjour Marsha,
    Yes Mr Connery is so handsome, and so is his twin! Please keep us posted!
    Good day to you,

  4. Sean Connery is SEXY full handsome, definitely the best James Bond.....YUM!!!

    I am with you too on Pierce Brosnan, I do love those twinkly Irish eyes of his. (I'm going to ignore his singing in "Mammia Mia" and pretend that never happened!)

    Thanks for the morning treat :)

  5. Excellent blog and an excellent choice to write about.
    Loved the photo's.


  6. Well wipe my bottom lip, That is my kind of fellow..

  7. My favorite Bond of all times!

  8. It's me Yvonne in Maine. Just read the gmail. Gosh!
    I am hoping that is not true. You know that kid of Joan Crawford's, well, I am old and there are some times. You cut them out of the will. Don't give rewards
    when Kids are bad. After "MOMMIE DEAREST" do you understand why she cut her out of the will. Leapords don't change their spots. So can we believe what gossip says?

  9. Handsome, isn't he...:) Hi, Im Meme from Screaming Meme...I saw you were from Houston...i had to stop in and say hello! And personally invite you over to Screaming Meme...I am having a giveaway...Hope you can stop in and sign up...Meme

  10. Oh my gosh what a cute post!!! Keeping my fingers crossed on the twin bit. British accent and all!!! I had just stopped by to see what you were up to on your "I" day, and oh boy! , you did not disapoint! :)

  11. Looks like you found your own Mr Connery!

    He is still the one and only James Bond to me - none of the others came close!

  12. Marsha

    Great minds think alike -- loved Sean Connery, he gets better looking as he aged -- yes I agree what ever you were wishing dreaming thinking -- would love for you to sprinkle some on me -- your beau is quite the handsome one. and I am sure with all the charm and appeal you are looking for.

    Happy spring time beginnings..

  13. Well now, aren't you the lucky girl! To have met your ideal man not once, but twice!
    I always said Mr Connery was the one and only James Bond but then along came Daniel Craig and I hate to admit it, but I think I've changed teams.
    Cute post! Thanks for coming to visit me today!a

  14. Tracy, I like Daniel Craig too...but not nearly as much as SC, but then again I'm sure I'm a bit "more experienced" (certainly NOT older) than you. LOL.

  15. He is a very elegant, manly man.

  16. SogniSorrisi, I should've had him on my ELEGANCE post a few days ago.
    But, I had decided already to give him his own Sean Connery day.

  17. Nothing beats the real thing.
    He just gets better with age this man!

    Am all for the old school rustic man. Not huge on the new metro-sexual soft looking ones.

    Thanks for the eye candy!

    x Charlotta


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