Friday, April 23, 2010

Pink Brooklyn Brownstone?

After working so tirelessly planning their party, Sean decided Chantelle
should come to New York City for the weekend for R&R

he made a quick phonecall to his assistant and had some spiffing up
done on his residence.
well, not exactly a brownstone, but it was Sean's apartment in the city

and he thought it would be so much fun to (temporarily) 
paint it pink for Chantelle's arrival.

well, you can tell this was a really nice space,
done in a soft contemporary style,
that had definitely NOT been pink ever.

He just wanted Chantelle to have a restful and fun visit,
they would go to a few places like

Washington Square Park

ride the subway to Brooklyn, walk the neighborhood streets,
check out all the little food shoppes along the way, and
then hop a cab back to The Plaza Hotel where they
would have afternoon tea

at The Palm Court of The Plaza Hotel

lay ceiling in the Palm Court only recently rediscovered, having
been covered for the last 50 years

formal tea service at Palm Court,
piano playing softly as it always has,
since the hotel opened almost over 100 years ago.
price nowadays $45 person

afterward, they walked across the street into Central Park,
so Sean could show her his favorite spot of all within the park...
the ramble...

view to The Dakota from the ramble

they strolled along Literary Walk and thought they might like
to sit down on the grass and watch children, dogs & parents at play...

including The Brady Bunch, oh my gosh
they were both so very happy

Sean had a lovely little gift for her

pink, of course...

the happiness was so relaxing, she just had
to put her head down for awhile...

 they walked out of the park in the
last light of the day hand-in-hand... be continued next

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