Friday, May 14, 2010

PINK = Simone Runs For The Cure

in an effort which is bigger than even Mom-Mom, 
our precious blogger buddy & sweet friend
 The Bottom of the Ironing Basket
needs our help
The Bottom of the Ironing Basket

she is running this weekend 
to aid the victims and their families in the fight against
Breast Cancer

yes, she's doing all the work, 
but we can cheer her on and show our support, can't we?

I asked Simone how to donate to help her reach her goal
she sent me this message:

"No one is untouched, you are so right.....
two of our runners are breast cancer survivors 
and they both had it in their early 40s so pretty young."

I mentioned to her that in the US researchers were
trying to understand if the food we eat, including
cattle who are given hormones, could be a
contributing factor in very young women
stricken with breast cancer, and how I knew
Prince Charles promotes total "organic" foods.

She stated: 

"Prince Charles is extremely vocal 
about all kinds of food products, 
so true....more and more people should listen to him."

"If you would like to sponsor me
on my 5K run, 
which would be so kind of you,
you can do so by visiting"

I made a contribution to sponsor her.
All of us who read her beautiful blog
which is a gift from her to us,  
please consider making a donation,
of any amount, 
so Simone will know she's not
running alone.

open up those lovely pink purses

she will think 
she just received a lovely pink gift

and I'm saying "thank you, my precious friends" 
and giving you these virtual flowers

Blog Sponsors....
for me, this is a pleasure,
as I've come to simply adore the ladies who blog,
and am sure we will all remain
friends forever..
 something WE can actually do 
by supporting each other's causes and concerns...
like friends and neighbors...


Click on the Pink Saturday button to
see other participants today.

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