Thursday, May 6, 2010

TAGGED: My 6th Image Posted

My precious friend,
Yvonne @ StoneGable blog
recently sent the 6th-picture-posted challenge over to me.

I was tardy in getting this done, with apologies to Yvonne,
getting Catherine's outfit ensembled each week has
taken a bit of time and, of course, my extreme & unlimited talent
in the fashion department.  LOL

So, here' my 6th photograph, except it's really 2 photographs!
But of the same image, so I'm thinking this is OK.

Splenderosa's Lariat-Style Necklace

Hammered 14kgf Rings on Handmade Chain
Crystal Quartz Rondelles
Huge White Onyx Pendant
can be worn as a belt, or doubled on neck

Looking at these images I realized how poor they are and think
I've come a long way since August 31, 2009 when I wrote my
1st post and have definitely improved in the camera department.

While I'm at it, I would like to confirm what all the others have written
after blogging for awhile.  It is a revalation to me how closely connected
to "our kind" we really become.  I have come to recognize, especially in
Yvonne's case, the extraordinary talent possessed by our lovely friends.

Each morning I pour myself a coffee and hurry to the computer to
see who has sent me a message.  Basically, a message of approval.

We can each be successful in many different areas of our life, but
the approval of our peers around the world, unseen and maybe
never-to-meet, is basic to our souls. 
Like "soul food" if you will. 
And, we need our tanks refueled every day. 
The pat on the back from one
of the ladies is HUGELY least to me it is.

I have already learned so very much from everyone out there in our
blogisphere, most of the people I adore are shown on the sidebar of
this post. 

So, each night I now remember Lene in my prayers, think how alike
 Renee & I are, re-love Deb, am awed by Vicki,
 know Cecilia could have been my sister,
or Marina, Simone, Gwen, Juls, Tish, Martha, Deanna, Greet,
& that beautifully perfect woman behind Dustjacket Attic &
many others.

I've decided I love this blogging stuff, and I'm learning so
much from women everywhere. Rosemary has shown us
the windows of beautiful stores in NYC, we have
seen artistry in photography, painting, watercolors of Fifi.
in fact, in every medium existing.

Perhaps, this vision is the true vision of all peoples of the

In keeping with the spirit of the challenge I nominate

Juls @ PapierCreatif
The Fabulous Woman @ GypsyPurple
Lynn @ ParisHotelBoutique
Coty@ StylingGardens
Flaviana @ La Maison des Lilas
Julie @ BelleVivir