Thursday, May 27, 2010

White Beach

From my commercial photographer son's blog today

biloxi. 2009. driving back to texas from back-to-back assignments in atlanta and nashville,  i decided to take the low road along the gulf coast to see what the previous year's hurricanes had done to the beachfront.  more than i had expected. where once stood palatial 100+ year-old victorian mansions which had lined the coast,  there were now empty stairs leading to nowhere. it seemed very ghostlike. then i turned toward the ocean and saw the reason for rebuilding. white sand and blue water. and 1 lone beach umbrella with a couple enjoying their solitude and an empty beach. i don't even think they had corona's.



  1. That photo is just great!!!

    Kristin xx

  2. Hi Marsha,
    What a beautiful image,they makes me dream about holidays.

  3. Wow your son is so talented! That's a gorgeous image sweetie. Hope you're doing well & having a fabulous week. Any plans this weekend?

  4. Gorgeous pics! It is sad, what happens, when Mother Nature fury is exhibited! I use to live in Florida. I won a blog award, called Trendy Tree, I want to pass it to you~

  5. Oh that is just so sad about the beautiful Victorian houses.

    I love his picture though and like his sense of corona's..heck.

  6. That is inspiring, I am watching CNN as we speak, about the oil spill, we have such beautiful beaches here, I really hope these natural wonders can be saved! Have the most lovely weekend!

  7. Dear Marsha

    The simplicity of the photo is striking -
    The ghost like images of staircases leading nowhere even though not in the photo your words carry weight --Nothing mundane about this photo. There is a calm surreal lingering feeling to it- I can image the two people sitting there perceiving the eternity in the sea while the waves lap at the shore singing there is no loss only difficult gifts.

    Have a beautiful week end and enjoy your trip.

  8. Dear Madame splendorosa,

    I am having a lot of fun discovering your blog.Thank you!!!

  9. Oh, how peaceful that must be! Although I still do not understand why people rebuild..., just to have the same happen again?! I'd find a better spot for sure!

    Happy Weekend!

  10. Love the beach. This is beautiful

    Regards Marsha.

  11. What a beautiful photo!

    Jane (artfully graced)


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