Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's A Wrap (Party)

It has been such a fun & glamourous adventure finding
Catherine a new outfit each week as she's had
world-class interior designers virtually re-do her dining room.
I think it is one of the most creative ideas I've ever
seen in blogland.

Also, most of you know my "fantasy family" of Mom-Mom, the grande grandmother
to Chantelle, and the mother-in-law to Chelsea, Chantelle's mother, who
make an appearance each week on Saturdays.

Today fantasy & reality become one.

Of course, I am to choose something for Catherine to wear to this
lovely Finale Party she is hosting on her blog...
but 1st I would like to present to you what our
jet-setting ladies will be wearing to her black-tie
party today.

Chelsea, who loves drama, will be wearing this garden party dress from Naeem Kahn
with this shoe & this Judith Lieber "Macaw" limited edition minaudière

Chantelle has chosen to wear black, not wanting to overshadow the hostess
as her spectacular grandmother has told her is correct...

Giambattista Valli for Chantelle
& she will be wearing sunglasses

her handbag will be this one, which her father gave her at her recent party...
the iconic Judith Lieber Zebra...but you know, it just goes with so many things...
& her bracelet....

 & Mom-Mom,
this was so difficult because she did have the PERFECT pink gown
she had been saving

but she knew if Chantelle was wearing black, as she had been taught,
then she too would wear BLACK...& so it had to be this
spectacular Donna Karan...you know Donna made it especially for
this party...

this choker multi-strand necklace & this
classic Judith Lieber black "Figure 8" bag
(she has shoes to match)

And, because we know Catherine's husband, Steve, has given her such a
beautiful gift for this evening, the ladies called upon the magical, immensely talented
Maleviks Rosenträdgård blog
(see his button on my sidebar)
to create something splendid for Catherine

he is without a doubt one of the most gifted people, his gardening, his sensitivity
to styling the flowers, and his amazing photography will make him one
of the most "followed" people in blogland...

and now for me...this was difficult as we've shown some of my favorites during
this pageant...but it came back to this one...one I knew was just made for me...

no white belt (honey please)...I mean, those new people at Valentino - 1st the
tee shirts, now a white belt...they'll call me before the next show...

& these beautiful 3" dangles

and this was ON SALE, so perfect, another JL bag, in plum satin
with Swarovski Crystals

I had seen these before at another party,
from ROXY CAKES...so this is my gift to Catherine,

a cheese board, which is quite literally cheesecake...
everything you see is cake, the little nuts, all the cheese, the wine bottles, everything is CAKE...
you can find RoxyCakes blog here:

please go see her

And, now it is the Finale Party at Catherine's home...it has taken me 8 weeks to
decide what she will wear (& she had input)...but to begin...she said
maybe Ralph Lauren....so I thought & thought...maybe she had something
in her closet (have you SEEN that room?)...so we went over to see...
I had my mind on this little Judith Lieber piece for her ( it was on sale, OK?) but we had to find
everything else...
then you won't believe it...these shoes...

have you ever seen anything this beautiful in your life?

& in her closet was this lovely ivory Ralph (2009) but never worn, just perfect...
it's so hot in Texas we have to take off the scarf, and add

this simple pearl necklace (s)
a special gift from me to her

I am so thrilled to be finished with outfitting everyone,
now I have time to get my hair done,
a mani/pedi, and finally dress myself and arrive at the

I hope to see all of you there...