Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vogue says...& I agree

for Fall 2010

Accessory File
Ladylike handbags and kitten heels are back in fashion


images from the 60's

60's hair, reprised for today's styles

 the iconic hair seems sure to make a
return in Fall...
& for some women who live in Texas &
the South it never left...

so when I recently saw Jennifer Lopez with the
huge topknot bun we knew her stylist was on
the cutting edge of what's happening now...

what do you think?

...more to come, my ladies


  1. I love that classic elegance in those editorials!

  2. I love the Kennedy era and all the hair! Classic, flawless, fun, quirky! Wonderful vintage photos, talk about personality plus!

    I wish I was better at doin' the mini-beehive with a pony - luvit {although I'd need a hair extension for the pony}. ;) Falls were big during that time too and clip-ins are sooo easy and make you look like you've spent hours on your hair!



  3. p.s. The photo of the girl at the bottom dressed all corporate reminds me of my younger years. Love that tailored, sophisticated look. Now, I am suburban cas~. I think I need to get out more! LOL!

  4. Hello Marsha,
    Beautiful photos dipicting an elegance of the past. I love hats too!

  5. Oh I just love the 60's sweetie. And I LOVE kitten heels! I wear mine all the time. Never stopped even though it wasn't that fashionable lately. I didn't care. They're classic, elegant and timeless in my opinion :)

  6. You what I love about htis picture?
    THE GLAMOUR.. we unfortnatly don't have that anymore.



  7. They all are so elegant and chic.
    Thank you for the inspiration.


  8. wow. such stunning photos :) love them all.

  9. It's funny we call this the Dallas Do......The women in Texas have the big hair. I love the old fashioned teased look though.
    There was a blog hop today, because alot of my readers are doing Wordless Wednesday now. I have to just go through and link them all.
    What designer is the purse in the first picture, so classic lady like, I love it!

  10. These editorial with Natalia Vodyanova ´´Magnificent obsession´´ is realy breath/taking,my beautiful Mom!-)*

    Hope you ok?!
    I sent you email with a very special video and I has made one last post about 21 june by me in Blogland...


  11. For Bumpkin...the handbag is Dooney & Bourke @ $450. Total copy of the Hermes Birkin, just smaller. I'll check on the shoes for you guys.

  12. I love the whole Mad Men hair thing & that shoot with Natalia V and Ewen Macgregor was AMAZING! x


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