Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reusable Totes?

i have a major weakness for bows
and anything that looks like a tied ribbon.
i like them on shoes, dresses, jewelry- and especially bags.
though i’ve never been a big canvas tote person
(i’m pretty loyal to my baggu"s because they crumple down to nothing)

this bag from soraam in seattle is calling my name.
not only does it have an adorable striped (i never met a stripe i didn’t like) bow,
but it also brings in one of my favorite patterns- herringbone.
soraam’s “big bow” canvas tote is available for $20,
and would be perfect for carrying home something special for friday dinner.

*according to their etsy page, soraam means
“please take a look with a smile on your face”
 in korean. so cute.

these baggu bags come in a rainbow of colors
+ stripes

  Organic Bamboo, Plain Natural @ Amazon
20 for $30
maybe you could stencil them for gifts?

Whole Foods doesn't use plastic bags any longer, and many places in
Europe do not, China has banned them completely.

How do you feel about BUYING your own reusable totes?
And, would you USE them?
What kind would you prefer to carry?

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