Thursday, July 29, 2010


these shoes are for no reason, just because they are
fabulous, girlie, wonderful, lovely, girlie 

the necklace above is a long long long rope, which
can be wrapped around several times, it could be a
belt also.  would any of you wear a piece like this, going
forward into Fall?  it could be any color, all black, browns,
whatever...I would really like to know...

Hotel du Cap, Antibes
Hotel du Cap & Eden Roc Pool Area, Antibes
lots of pool sitting, sipping on something cool, wearing
the hottest fashions off the runway, long floating skirts
covering bikinis, beautiful tans, everyone knows everyone.
But us.
pool sits exactly on the edge of the cliff over the water
you can see some of the bar & dining areas in the background

lobby & public area of Hotel du Cap in Antibes

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this shoe is a vital necessary anytime, don't you love it?

Armani Colleczioni
Dries Von Noten, his ikat


  1. Wonderful, wonderful views and a pleasure to visit you.


  2. Thanks for visiting FK and leaving your comment. I love your photos of Antibes. I was recently in Cannes and decided that the next time I am staying in Antibes instead. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Lovely post. Love the Armani Colleczioni, especially the pants outfit. Yes I would wear that necklace, it would be great in different color tones would be more versatile. I could see myself wearing that Armani Colleczioni pants out fit with the necklace with silver and pearl and black gems - stunning ,,, no? I would also love it for the fall in amber, browns, creams, rust colored gems. summer more lavender and violets, blues, greens.
    and oh yes we could all go to the Hotel du Cap in Antibes sporting our new attire.


  4. oh those flower shoessss!!! I was momentarily blinded by so much gorgeousness. I need those.

  5. so fabulous, everytime your posts are over the top beautiful and tasteful! and i would so wear that necklace!

  6. I want those shoes in the first photo...NOW!

  7. What a fabulous post Marsha!

    I was looking at those photos of Emily Blunt just yesterday, she looks beautiful and it's a great cover of her.

    The Hotel du Cap.....OMG! Beyond fabulous, such views and such style.....incredible!!!


  8. Nearly cried when I saw Marija's favourite dress and those shoes she so wanted.
    I miss her so much! I am feeling so sad still.

    x C

  9. Dear Marsha, I love all of it!! Especially the Hotel du Cap. We should meet up in Europe one day! xx


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