Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What challenge?

the outfit
calvin klein 

Catherine, my lovely friend, at The Shiny Pebble
is hosting a family room redo today,
click her icon on my right sidebar to take you over
to see the actual room & concept.

the color palette for the room 
where the outfit will be worn

imagining the room...

in Texas it is hot in summer, 
and summer can last a very long time.  
this year, however, I have experienced heat like never before...
in Orlando, Florida where a summer's day is a steam bath.  
Texas is a resort climate compared to the heat in Orlando 
(where my daughter works).
we are creating an ensemble for a home in Houston...with a room
similar to the one above...the owners have a small boy with
frequent visits made by other small boys...those lovely creamy
sofas will become saddle tan leather immediately with pops of
color from millions of feather throw pillows done up in tribal
prints or ikat, not silk as I would prefer. Oh well...
The other thing I would add immediately would be a swimming pool
as large as possible...which would entertain those little boys for hours each
day...whilst the moms had lovely little visits.

I once lived in the Middle East where temperatures reach 130f...
it was bearable.
Orlando is unbearable.
Anyone coming here should not come in the summer, there is no
need to go to a real water park,  you'll be completely drenched where 
ever you are. 

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