Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cocktails? Perfect.

A few of us have already been out front with the basic

Little Black Dress

which, like all fashion, changes a bit every season.

This season gives us a few standouts:

Donna Karan,
above & a close-up below of the neckline

Donna Karan above,
the most perfect skirt with the dropped waist bodice.

Diane Von Furstenberg
below, as presented on the runway
notice how the garment just does not present itself well... 

the same outfit, as ordered by the luxury specialty stores
lovely longer length with a beautiful slit, 
the tuxedo back curvivng & dropping even longer,
balances the shoulder treatment, don't you think?

Calvin Klein
the perfect day-in day-out LBD,
change it up with all kinds of different accessories...

Donna Karan Platform
this green says you know a thing or two about fashion

Marc Jacob Fur Cutaway Jacket
wonderful with the black  as it's the bit of whimsy needed.
Kalgan Lamb & Fox pieced together to look like crochet
$4800 when money is no object, and we can dream
(like this,  on our blogs).

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