Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Color Combos

This beautiful photograph entitled
London in Autumn
came courtesy of
Kate Van Raden, 
when I saw it I knew it would be splendid with
Ashlina's @ The Decorista, room
post from a few days ago.
They both said I could use them
So, the 1st time together...

close-up of Ashlina's, The Decorista, room

pulled back the camera give you the entire room with
that brilliant, huge art piece dominating the space

another of Ashlina's images snatched from
her sidebar, with the same colors.

I love these colors in fashion.

How do you feel about them in the room decoration?

Coming next week, the fall fashion accessories needed
to update your wardrobe for the new Fall season. 

Plus another excellent giveaway.

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