Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Tiffany Leather Goods
Created under the direction of Richard Lambertson and John Truex,
these luxurious accessories exemplify fine craftsmanship,
impeccable details and timeless sophistication.

no matter which Lamberton & Truex designed Tiffany bag
you purchase somewhere on the handbag is their iconic blue.
This tote below comes in regular & large sizes &
will almost certainly be a complete sell-out.
Hello, honey, Christmas is coming up...

a little about Lamberson & Truex, the gentlemen,
Richard Lambertson's Biography

Lambertson Truex Richard Lambertson began his career in the New York's fashion industry, working for the visual merchandising department at Saks Fifth Avenue. He then moved onto the fashion offices at Bergdorf Goodman; followed by Barney's New York. Richard then moved from the retail side of the fashion business, to the design side; where he joined Geoffrey Beene. In 1990, Lambertson moved to Milan to take on a new appointment as Design Director of GUCCI. His time in Italy provided a welcome challenge. In 1994, Richard returned to Bergdorf Goodman, this time as the Senior Vice President and Creative Director. Finally, in 1997, Lambertson, along with his partner John Truex, decided to launch an accessories company of their own. The Lambertson Truex collection began exclusively with bags in 1998. The line was then expanded to women's shoes and small leather goods in 2000; followed by the complete launch of the men's accessory line. "Our vision was shaped by our work for large brands, but we knew we wanted to design something quite different. We wanted to create precious luxury accessories for independent women and men who have a strong personal style, and who have a unique way of wearing the pieces we design."

go here to see the complete collection
I must say as a gal who really doesn't like wearing anyone else's name
or initials,  I would purchase the large Tiffany tote. 
 I love the color, it's iconic, it's fun and I know it will last forever.
What do you think?