Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do You See What I See

one of our new pieces for evening & holiday
can be made in any color of semi-precious gemstones
to order


  1. Yesterday's tablescapes were just breathtaking! I LOVE the hill country of Texas. My mom lives in San Antonio 1/2 of the year. When we go to visit I always go to the hill country!!!!
    YOur images today are facinating! Just little peeks at beautiful places.I love the wash of color and the perspective of each photo.

    And your jewerly is spectacular! What a gift you have,my dear friend! Truely inspired... and those colors!!!!!!! WOW!
    xo Yvonne

  2. Beautiful photos, dear! And I just love that new piece! You are so incredibly talented. Hope you're having a lovely week xoxo

  3. Over the top, to die for , fabulous beauty is what I see. Every image, and that necklace! You are so talented. Lovely music as well. I think about you often! XO, Mona

  4. Hi Marsha,
    how are you?
    your post is perfect .. wonderful.
    I love the windows .. they are inspirational.
    Kisses from Brazil
    Milla (

  5. I'll let the king know it's jewelry fit for a queen! LOVE it!!

  6. dreamy images.
    and that necklace is just too beautiful.


  7. Beautiful, evocative, clever post - love it! But Marsha, when are you going to tell us how we can get your lovely jewelry!!!!!

  8. Wonderful architectural elements. Thank you for sharing the lovely photographs. Cherry Kay

  9. Dear Marsha,
    Such beautiful images....I have a 'thing' about shutters and these photographs have taken me back to my holiday in Italy this year.....and that lacy dress is fantastic.
    Sorry that I've missed a few of your posts....I've been a little busy lately. I love that gilet in your earlier post. XXXX

  10. Dear Marsha, I love all the images of windows, sun-dappled and shadowy how wonderful. Perfectly marrying together your music and the gorgeous necklace, your blog takes me to some other place every time, thank you SO much, I can dream and dream!


  11. Marsha,
    It really has the feel of Autumn
    Get out of here, did you design that?
    It is fabulous.
    The news just said SNOW SNOW in western New York, It is October......................

  12. Hello!
    We are now back after a divine five weeks in Sweden! Missing home so much it hurts now and could have stayed a lot longer..!

    Loving these 'peeks' through windows and doorways.. and that necklace looks beautiful. The blue stone really pops!

    Hoping you are well. Have been thinking of you so often and have missed our regular contact.

    xx C

  13. Fabulous architectural pics! And beautiful jewelry...

  14. so so beautiful + that necklace? to die for!


  15. Dear Marsha, what gorgeous pictures. They really make me want to go on holiday immediately. I didn't get one this year but The Actor is talking about trying to fit one in before Christmas. Love the necklace and all the colours xx


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