Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spice & Nice

styled by Anna Dello Russo

 I love Anna's styling for the magazines because it's whimsical, strong,
& her hallmark is unmistakably her own.  Given that she is not
shooting with an unlimited budget (most of her's are shot on hanging
paper backgrounds in the studio) & isn't "on location" somewhere
wonderful, she makes her accessorizing the focal point of the layouts...
which is fun & always right on point with what's happening now.


all of the following are things I love & would definitely wear

 Amanda Wakeley Fall 2010

my favorite evening look of all times

Amanda Wakeley Fall 2010
my New York City look, or really travelling to any big city in
Fall or Winter

           Ralph Lauren with fur, enough said

Black Diamonds, Tourmalines, Pearls
my signature necklace style