Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stop, Look, Listen

With our holidays upon us, and our world in such turmoil,
many thoughts have flitted through my mind.

I really do believe we become wiser with age & experience,
though I hate admitting this, as it definitely reflects
I do, indeed, have some age & experience.

My daughter-in-law of 4 years (2 grandchildren) has
driven a wedge between my son and me, his sister &
his father.  I, until the last episode with her in August,
have eventually tried to act as if nothing happened in order
to keep my son happy.  My daughter & my ex are alienated to
the point where they don't see them any longer.  The DIL acts
as if  "we" are the ones at fault and does not extend the olive branch
to anyone.  It doesn't matter to her that her husband has been cut
off from his family & from their children.  My son is clueless. 
A lot of this could have been averted if 5 years ago he had taken a
stand with her while she was our guest on a holiday in Italy,
but he didn't.

So, this family mess:  it's like politics and war.

It's them or us; both sides are right in their own minds.

I have travelled and lived in the Middle East, and I know the culture
of the citizens very well. Rich or poor, all people of the world want
their families to be happy, have enough food on the table,
and to be safe. The ordinary people of the Middle East are
no more dangerous than we, ourselves, are. 
But, as we know, there are exceptions.

Safety might be the reigning single item all people hope for.
Security in their lives and their relationships and for their

I think of all that I know.  And, I know, especially at this time
of the year, we must reach out & touch someone, even a total
stranger.  Join an organization in helping to feed hungry people,
buy a box of gifts for some child who won't receive anything.
Look at the people on the street and wonder how they got where they
are; what happened to them?  Take blankets you don't need to someone
who does.  Ask your local schools if there are students in need; sponsor
a child you don't know, give them hope and make them smile.

Life is very short, and we are not rewarded for how many football
games we watch or how many parties we attended.  True reward
comes only with giving & sharing.

My DIL hasn't learned this yet.  And maybe she won't learn
during my lifetime. But, eventually she will learn, because
we all do.

Share everything.
Love one another.

At a time when we see the absolute greed of our politicians,
who are black-mailable after taking payoffs & contributions to make 
decisions unfavorable to our countrymen,  
and the heads of corporations eliminate 1000's of jobs
so that they (the company) can show a profit  which allows
these executives to accept obscene amounts in bonus payments,
we, the people, are the only ones who can maintain the dignity
and honor of our beautiful America.

Let each of us begin at home,
and spread the love which is inside all of us.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week ahead.