Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beautiful & a Definite Change

I'm sure most of you have seen Emanuelle Alt's 1st French Vogue Cover, April 2011.
As the new editor it is clearly apparent she is going in a much
different direction than her predecessor.  And I am SO thrilled!

I've read that this delicious D&G outfit is also on 5 other covers
for April, so it looks like a true winner.  In the Huffington Post a few
people commented this looked like "porn" and what a horrible "fashion
image," though overall everyone loved it.   Porn?  Wow, & the
commentor said he had been a photographer for 40 years?

Below, just another beautiful image of Gisele.


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Verdigris Vie said... beautiful is the white dress? Just stunning..


Princess said...

OMGGGGGG I want that dresssss ahhhhh!!! And dont agree with the porn comment....that guys obviously just trying to get publicity!
come visit my page :D

Sarah Klassen said...

I absolutely looooooove the cover! That pretty white dress is so fresh and Summery—just beautiful, and I cannot wait to receive my copy :)