Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lovely things....

Chinese Calligraphy Brushes, my newest passion for collection
as shown here from Charlotta's Space For Inspiration.

these were the times of my life
horses, girlfriends, being free

a totally redone living room made into a dining room.
awesome, huh.
even the mantlepiece was replaced, as was all wood trim

Necklace of 14k goldfilled chain, dangles of many
different semi-precious stones, with a
large faceted pear-shaped lemon topaz.

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  1. Marsha,
    All so beautiful! All thing I would expect from your gorgeous blog.

    Your jewerly is beyond stunning. I LOVE this piece!!!
    xo Yvonne

  2. Oh darling thank you so much for the mention. xx
    It's lovely to have you back in my corner again - I've missed you. x

    Loving the look of the girl on the horse - it's so me. I am all for an adventure with a touch of style!

    Hope you have had a marvellous weekend.

    Big hugs
    xx Charlotta

  3. This is a beautiful post. Didn't know you loved horses. The Bracelette is awesome. yvonne

  4. Hi Marsha
    I love your blog, always look forward to see something new and exciting!!!
    Manni :)

  5. Dear Marsha, Oh how I wish I could have had a horse when I was young and free!! She looks fab!
    The dining room is just superb! I love all the gilded wood/plaster work and colours, beautiful.
    Hope your week-end is a lovely one dear friend.

    Hugs Jane x

  6. Jeez the living room looks like a Paris apartment......!!!!!alwsy something fun here!!!Maryanne;) Oh and the bracelet rocks!!!!(pardon the pun....)

  7. Oh that living/dining room is gorgeous!

  8. All gorgeous. I love the dining room makeover.Love the brick with the dressier French mantel. Just looks authentic. Not so decorated and planned. Have a great week. Mona room makeover as well.

  9. This necklace is SO awesome............colors and style in one!!!
    Like them very,very much,dear Marsha:-)))*


  10. All beautiful including your lovely bracelet!!

  11. Dearest Marsha, I love the Tiffany blue in the dining room. The Chinese calligraphy brushes are lovely and the colour of that jade egg.

    What a pretty necklace you have there xx


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