Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rain & Contemplation

where, oh where is my master?

San Marco Square, Venice

Photo by Marcel Germaine

Lovely street in Rome



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  1. What beautiful rainy inspiration. Love that you included that great shot of the Burtons!

  2. Dearest Marsha, lovely pictures. I love the Burton Taylor one. And Rome. We have so much rain in London, I don't mind it especially if I don't have to go anywhere. Plus the garden looks beautiful afterwards xx

  3. Actually, rain can be very beautyful and so can umbrellas also be. These photos shows that.XO Katta

  4. Dear Marsha this is such a lovely posting. As always I come down to breakfast and switch on the computer, and this morning I am moved by the lovely music..perfect as always and so lovely when matched with the photo of Richard and Elizabeth (in London no doubt!).

    By now or very soon you will no doubt be taking your cases and trunk and off to warmer climes, I hope you have a wonderful time dear Marsha.

    Hugs Jane

  5. Rainy day makes always your thoughts more clear...and SURE,this qoute is absolutely true,dearest M.:-)))*

    Much Love to you and wish you wonderful sunday!!!


  6. I love rain, as long as I can stay at home. It encourages me to make soup!
    Happy Suday dear friend!

  7. Lovely rain shots -- It never seems like fun when you're standing in it -- but beautiful to see in these pictures.

  8. Beautiful photos and I love that true. Rain and thunderstorms are my favorite, there is something so romantic about them.

    Have a beautiful week!

  9. Beautiful. I love the way rain always makes things greener and healthier too! love you, my friend. Mona

  10. Beautiful post Marsha - love the images. There's something quite romantic about the rain. xx

  11. awesome images!!!!!!!!! darling I am not sure where in Acapulco the violence is located but I have heard that in the past few months also. But while i have been here, things have been fun and amazing as usual, I am havin a blast {evidently LOL} Acapulco rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoox

  12. And if everyday were filled with sunshine, we'd be living in a desert. Cherry Kay

  13. Beautiful images of rain!
    Though that first one of the lone dog is heart breaking. I just want to run out there and take it home with me! Poor pooch!

    Thank you for your comment today. Yes I can imagine the North East is stunning - I think that is where I would fit in the best as well. I love that sort of terrain and just generally a lifestyle in the outdoors.

    Have a beautiful rest of the week.

    Big hugs

    xx Charlotta


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