Thursday, April 14, 2011

Accepting Awards...

"Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time,
carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration.
The hummingbird's delicate grace reminds us that
life is rich, beauty is everywhere,
every personal connection has meaning, 
and that laughter is life's sweetest creation."

Yesterday, while at the car wash, I purchased a beautiful card for a friend
...from a company called Papyrus...
the hummingbird quotation was in the package insert, &
I thought it spoke to all of us in the blogging world.

Over time I've received some lovely awards from women I consider
my friends now,  not just blogging buddies.
Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted
Charlotta @ Space for Inspiration
Mona @ Providence
Therese @ La Dolfina
all are shown on my sidebar.

Today I'm going to share
7 Things You May Not Know About Me

I'm a clutch-player, only when I know the deadline is upon me do I
actually get into full-speed mode.  Especially for dinner parties.
Now, huge cocktail receptions with 100's of people attending get
my attention months ahead of time because I want every single thing
to be perfect.  No detail is too small.  And, I love love love doing this.
All the planning, the strategy of installations, the food, the music,
the wines, the people.

I love whimsy.  Without wit no matter how extraordinary it could be

Flowers.  Flowers everywhere.  They make me happy in my own
home. I mist them, change their water often, play music and
talk to them.  They reward me by staying beautiful longer.
Flowers in my garden in big huge overflowing pots, vines climbing up
fences & walls.

Dogs.  I cannot imagine how lonely I would feel without my 2 little ones,
who are my constant companions. FiFi, the 7.5 lb. poodle, who is
definitely Frency royalty, & my rock-star Maltese, Bono, who is one
of the most intelligent beings I know.  FiFi has been around the world with
us, and we've met so many wonderful people because we were carrying her as
we did our travels, our marketing & our shopping.  One summer we had a
rented villa between Sorrento & Positano, we were all out by the pool being absolutely
silly, when my husband looked up and saw FiFi waaay up on top of the roof of
the house.  He was beside himself, saying "how are we going to get her down?"
My son, the naturalist, said "Don't worry, Ned...she'll get down the same
way she climbed up."  And, of course, she did just that.
The house was terraced down the hillside, so the roof almost met the earth
in a few spots. 

I love my friends!  And I never lose any of them.  There are people I've
been friends with since elementary school.  My highschool class has a website,
we keep up with each other via emails and this site, and plan our
reunions (every 5 years now) with rigourous detail. 
My girlfriends sustain me.  We often disagree, but we always remain true
friends.  We nurture each other, and we never take our friendships for

You would never have seen this coming:
NFL football!
I love it.  Of course, I have my favorite teams, and
I wouldn't miss any game.  We used to go to every
single University of Texas Longhorn Football game each
season, didn't matter where it was.  College teams play on
Saturday, the pros on Sunday or Monday night.  Often we
would drive to Austin, turn around and race back to Houston
so we could be at the high-noon kickoff for the Texans.
And, I really believe Tom Brady is the league's MVP
(but for me, maybe it's because Gisele married him).

  I am not a jeans kind of girl.  Never have been.

I didn't include anything about my family or Jesus
because this is too easy and too obvious.

I also LOVE blogging.  I LOVE the women around the world
whose immense talent and creativity, love & caring would be
be completely unknown to me without blogging.

Greet LeFevre of Belgian Pearls was my 1st follower! 
Can you imagine?

I am supposed to pass the award along to others,
and I shall do that in my Pink Saturday post.
There are so many ladies who deserve to be awarded
over & I need a bit more time to think.
You see, here's where the procrastinator comes in.
See Item #1 above.

I'm at home today, catching up on my home, commenting
on some of my favorite posts, and will sit down and work
on two special orders for jewelry.  It will be a good day.

Love to all, and thank you for following me &
sending so much love my way.