Friday, April 8, 2011

Pastels, Reposted

this little dress is absolute ART, don't you think?


& oh my goodness, get a look at the big picture,
sequined jacket, mini skirt & these smashing tights.
Ah yes, only the very young, but so so pretty.


& this little hair ornament is SO me.
I love the romance of the slightly messy hair,
all done up, but falling down

& speaking of hair ornaments, I will be posting
a few additions to our jewelry collection soon,
whimsical headbands with vintage brooches,
feathers, ribbons,
& some with dangling silk flowers on tiny silk cording.

So boho, so 20's, so pretty, so clean-looking,
not at all shaggy.
Perfection of makeup & everything else.

coming soon

hats for the Derby

& maybe suggestions for attire suitable to wear to the Royal Wedding
which will need an entire post.

and, at last...the complete menu for my 1st real party in my
new home this coming a casual Sunday cocktail/buffet...
everyone is invited, ladies...




  1. Yeah for you!! YES YES YES that is such a work of art! That is gorgeous indeed!!

  2. Looking forward to your royal wedding post. My daughter is flying in from NYC so we can watch it together! It's so unlike us, but we figured why not have some fun!

    Now, what to wear...

  3. cant wait to see the new jewelry!!!

  4. Hello,dear,dear Marsha!

    The first one image with a kind of painting dress,realy an art design!!!
    Exellent makeup,totally gorgeous photo,last one...

    Wish you fabulous weekend,my dear friend with a beautiful first party in you home:-)*

    Much love,

  5. Marsha, that first dress is divine, as are the girls. You are Bang on about the makeup on that girl. Absolutely beautiful. I am leaving NY come over to my blog and catch up.. Miss you, do you take credit cards????

  6. Love that hair with the flower. You described it perfectly! The hat is fabulous too, such a stunning picture. I am off to have a peek at your jewelery. Thanks for stopping by Loveleigh Treasures and have a terrific weekend!

  7. Marsha, I could really go for those hats ... oh, to be young, shapely & wearing those clothes!

    Have a sweet PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

    FUN GIVEAWAY ends 4/10

  8. Hi Marsha, I seem to keep gravitating to your blog. The dress is totally art -- exquisite; love the tights too; you've got great energy and as for the hat with flowers -- my kind of find, so just wanted to say hi from one of your neighbors here in Louisiana. I could tell you were a Texas gal. Terri

  9. Loved them all - that first little dress is amazing!! Happy Pink Saturday to you!

  10. The first dress is simply fabulous! wow! Okay, really love everything actually :O)

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  11. What an inspiring blog! Love the 20's hat and those luscious red. I have on my bucket list to attend one derby in my life in full style and airs!

    Love to get to know you better!


  12. gorgeous colors and designs...

  13. OMGosh beautiful post and blog...HPS!

  14. Those are some beautiful photos. Love the last one. Very striking. Happy PS!


  15. Adore the hat!! How chic. Can't wait to see some Derby hats!

  16. It's all SO beautiful! thank you for sharing!

  17. I ♥ the Boho/20s hat! And that dress is a fine example of fabric manipulation. I'd like to have that in a size 2 to hang up as a piece of art. I look forward to seeing your new collection....sounds delightful!

    Pink Sparkles,

  18. OMG...those are really amazing outfits.

    Love them so much ♥

  19. Shucks! overweight or not, I am wearing that hat to your party. Beautiful images. The hair clips sound great, I am tired of see old women with those fluffy bright colored ponytail bands, ugh..
    I end up with just a wide barette (pageboy)
    tieback. You always have such a beautiful post. well, two days and we are off to NYC.


  20. Definitely beautiful!! Can't wait for the hats!!

  21. These images are absolutely amazing. I've missed all my blog friends so much. You all inspire me daily...mucho love!!!

  22. Very pretty..Thank you for sharing...HPS!


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