Friday, April 8, 2011

Pastels, Reposted

this little dress is absolute ART, don't you think?


& oh my goodness, get a look at the big picture,
sequined jacket, mini skirt & these smashing tights.
Ah yes, only the very young, but so so pretty.


& this little hair ornament is SO me.
I love the romance of the slightly messy hair,
all done up, but falling down

& speaking of hair ornaments, I will be posting
a few additions to our jewelry collection soon,
whimsical headbands with vintage brooches,
feathers, ribbons,
& some with dangling silk flowers on tiny silk cording.

So boho, so 20's, so pretty, so clean-looking,
not at all shaggy.
Perfection of makeup & everything else.

coming soon

hats for the Derby

& maybe suggestions for attire suitable to wear to the Royal Wedding
which will need an entire post.

and, at last...the complete menu for my 1st real party in my
new home this coming a casual Sunday cocktail/buffet...
everyone is invited, ladies...