Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bonjour, Happiness

A delightful little snippet of a book,
written by an American woman with French ancestry.

Explaining her observations of aging...
the differences between the French values and the American ones.

Witty, caustic, sensible, and quite correct in her assumptions.

Mostly important to women as they enter their 50's & beyond.
About how intellect, experience, wit, charm & life well-lived
are so much more important than what we see in the mirror. 
Attributes so much more important in making life worth living at every age.

A great gift for a mother, aunt, sister or friend.

Welcome to my new followers !!
I appreciate each of my friends/followers so very much.

I work very hard to produce interesting content for
these pages so, hopefully, my girlfriends will enjoy
each post.

Tomorrow, tear stains on white dogs...
how to remedy this correctly.