Thursday, May 26, 2011

Earrings, Polyvore, Brad Pitt & The Tree of Life Movie + American Idol Finale

Going to cover a lot of territory in this post it looks like.

Polyvore just noticed, today, that
Feather Earrings
are in the Top 10 of trends among their polyvorians,
of which I am one :)'s

OK.  As I told Taj Acosta in a comment on her blog,
Gorgeous Glam
which you will find

Splenderosa has been designing a new collection
of beautiful, elegant & very fashion-forward
feather earrings...herea are a few pics, which are very bad,
but, hey, one can't be good at everything...

White Topaz Dangle, Swarovski crystals on feathers, sterling silver

Double Sterling circles hand wire-wrapped with black wire,
gold rings, black feathers with Swarovskis

Double-Sided Swarovski Rings
with copper-colored Swarovskis on feather dangles

Copper wire hand-wrapped rings with Labradorite pear drops,
Swarovski crystals on feather dangles

Go to Polyvore to see examples of ensembles
created by others using feather earrings,

Our feather earrings are made to the same standards as
all of the other semi-precious Splenderosa jewelry,
in other words, only the best.

The Tree of Life
a new film with
Brad Pitt & Sean Penn

premiered in L.A. a couple of nights ago,
and after watching various trailers I am certain this
will be a major triumph for Mr. Pitt.

He should have won an Oscar already, Inglourious Basterds
was one of the best films ever made, so maybe this year
will be his time...anyway the film was made by the
Austin, Texas-based Terrance Malik, and
was filmed in Texas, a lot of it in Houston.

You can read a rave review almost anywhere.

My thoughts are that ANYTHING
George Clooney
Brad Pitt
is in is worth the price & the time of a real movie
in a real theatre.

American Idol Finale
my take
after James left I lost interest in the talent,
but last night's closing show was a show & 1/2.

Jack Black,
totally adorable.

Mark Antony & JLo,
you can tell they are in love
& she is absolutely so brilliantly cute/beautiful
over-the-top with her costumes & dancing,
loved loved loved this bit.



There must be someone in attendance on her staff
whose sole job must be the wind machine ALWAYS
blowing on her and, amazingly, no one else.
I'll give it to my fellow Houstonian,
SHE  can sing and SHE can dance.


Lady GaGa




& the Spider Man bit
was beautiful. 
Bono is my dog's namesake because my dog
thinks he's a rockstar and, honey, who else
would I have named him after?



he closed the show.
he definitely closed the show.
No one, no one, no one
is as talented musically as he is, and
no one can  write music like he does
and no one can sing like he can.
In his 60's he's more beautiful than ever
because now we know he has heart.


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