Monday, May 23, 2011


clean simple hair, clean simple makeup

more on the "style series" coming up,
with add-on's to basic black.

I cannot believe how fast time is flying by, I mean, MAY
is almost over, isn't it?

My daughter has gone to N. Mexico to witness, for
the 1st time, the branding of calves on her fiance's family

My son is in Nicaragua shooting surfing & surfing
people & environs for his forthcoming book.

I'm in the Texas hill country, surrounded by dogs,
making jewelry all by myself.  I must say I'm proud
of of my girlfriend's has a birthday coming
up and I wanted to give her a beautiful piece of jewelry,
something really special, that  I have made myself...
I found these wonderful 16mm dark grass green smooth round beads
that I wasn't familiar with called "fuchsite" or "zoisite." 

They have bright pink striations. 
The striations turned out to be RUBY!

After 3-4 attempts, which all looked dreadful,
I've now completed the necklace and it's one of the
most beautiful & interesting pieces I've ever made.

The point being that only with continued hard work can
we be certain we've achieved

Trial & Error
Failure to Accept the Ordinary

What's happening in your world this summer?