Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amid Privilege

It isn't often that I GUSH over anything!
But, now I'm gushing.

LamO Shoes

 Lisa of Privilege blog

had a giveaway over at her place a couple of weeks ago.

I stopped in my tracks and shouted to her that I had to win
as I would SO wear those shoes, and it was my Birthday.

Yes, indeedie, I did win the shoes (sorry to you other entrants),
they arrived yesterday...and they are rocking!

Plus, they fit like a glove and are SO comfortable.

I'm in love.

Thank you, Lisa, for this wonderful gift !
I know high-wasps wouldn't carry on like this...
but, hey, I'm a Texan...we always act this way.

Love them!  X10 !



  1. Congratulations on your fab shoes! What will you pair them with?

  2. Congratulations Marsha, I entered as well. I would love to see the ensemble you pair these with!! Gorgeous!

    Art by Karena

  3. Wow, you won them on your birthday! That's great! (happy late birthday!!!) Dear Marsha, I'll stay in Positano and will also visit Capri :):) Can't wait!

    xo's Kristin

  4. I have never been before! This will be my first trip to the Amalfi coast and my fourth time to Italy! It will be exciting :)


  5. YOU! WON! THESE!? How LUCKY are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I absolutely love them!
    Have PRETTY day!

  6. Lucky you! They are pretty cool looking........enjoy them.
    Love how Texans do everything "big"!! Gotta love em:)

  7. Combination of Texas & Italian.
    I was "born this way."

  8. I was JUST wondering if they'd arrived yet! I am SO glad you like them, and I too would be so interested to see how you wear them. Even what jewels:). Congratulations Marsha, clearly you were meant to win those shoes.

  9. I love them Marsha and am so happy you won this! Congratulations!!

    Love you!

    x C

  10. These shoes look not only very special and stylish - but also highly comfortable!
    Well done!

  11. Oh Marsha, they're great! And a very happy belated Birthday to you xx


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