Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amid Privilege

It isn't often that I GUSH over anything!
But, now I'm gushing.

LamO Shoes

 Lisa of Privilege blog

had a giveaway over at her place a couple of weeks ago.

I stopped in my tracks and shouted to her that I had to win
as I would SO wear those shoes, and it was my Birthday.

Yes, indeedie, I did win the shoes (sorry to you other entrants),
they arrived yesterday...and they are rocking!

Plus, they fit like a glove and are SO comfortable.

I'm in love.

Thank you, Lisa, for this wonderful gift !
I know high-wasps wouldn't carry on like this...
but, hey, I'm a Texan...we always act this way.

Love them!  X10 !