Friday, June 3, 2011

Colors of Fall...

 Fire Engine Red

Burnt Orange or Burnished Gold

Lemon Yellow




Military Chic Green Gone Elegant

Armani Blue

Plum, Aubergine, Grape

which one do you like?
which one would you wear?

this doesn't change my feeling about
black & white with an accent color,

but I have a red coat I couldn't live without,
a silk taffeta fuchsia jacket I love,
a beautiful aubergine suit,
Armani blue trousers with a beautiful cape,

no lemon yellow, 
no more University of Texas burnt orange (ever),
no champagne (not flattering),
no Army green

I think I need something in a beautiful gray,
to me that's elegant, chic, sleek  & contemporary...
and for God's sake, it can be worn with black or white too.



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