Friday, June 3, 2011

Colors of Fall...

 Fire Engine Red

Burnt Orange or Burnished Gold

Lemon Yellow




Military Chic Green Gone Elegant

Armani Blue

Plum, Aubergine, Grape

which one do you like?
which one would you wear?

this doesn't change my feeling about
black & white with an accent color,

but I have a red coat I couldn't live without,
a silk taffeta fuchsia jacket I love,
a beautiful aubergine suit,
Armani blue trousers with a beautiful cape,

no lemon yellow, 
no more University of Texas burnt orange (ever),
no champagne (not flattering),
no Army green

I think I need something in a beautiful gray,
to me that's elegant, chic, sleek  & contemporary...
and for God's sake, it can be worn with black or white too.



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  1. I'm loving the gray, champagne, and pops of the fuchsia...

  2. oh hell to the YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd wear any of these NO problemo! specially the Fire Engine Red, it's perfection. Also loving Armani Blue and Plum. Beautiful stuff! Happy weekend dear! x

  3. Hi Marsha,Gorgeous collection

    I love the burnished gold and grays!! I can see mixing in the plums and blues as well!

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    Art by Karena

  4. I'm gray all the way. Brunello Cucinelli is my fav... gray, gray! Love it! (me who is totally attracted to color for my house... go figure)

  5. I love what you have done here, the colours all look so fabulous together :)

    I am still drawn to the greys tho....and the last row of plum, aubergine and grape :)

    Hope you are well Marsha, have a lovely week-end xx

    PS Love your music!

  6. Wow, I never thought of these colors for fall but I love them. I'm glad that color in fashion seems like staying a little longer.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Let's just say the only ones I WOULDN'T wear are lemon, fushcia, and grape. All others are up for consideration keeping in mind that my wardrobe is mostly neutrals!

  8. I'll go with the purples, gray and olive. You're right- no burnt orange. And I can't do dark blue- it reminds me of my old school uniforms and home care RN uniform.

    I am glad to see a bit brighter fall palette.

  9. I love the burned orange, I have a camel's hair blazer in that color. Love the pink and the champagne. The models are scaring me, they're so skinny they look sick!! What a shame they allow this. Thank you for sharing this and I'm enjoying the music too. Have a nice weekend. FABBY

  10. I would love to wear clothes colored in any color from the entire palette you displayed here. I can look forward too Fall very much I see! Gorgeous. Enjoy your Sunday:)

  11. Love seeing red again; the Armani blue is my most flattering; and always loving the chicness of grey!
    --Lee Ann

  12. Hi there, thanks for the sweet comment your blue ensemble sounds too delicous, I adore capes! Hope I get to see you in it one day. Sharon xx


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