Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finding the House...

A few years ago Architectural Digest published
photos of a home very similar to the one below.
At that time I bought 2-3 extra copies of the magazine
knowing I wanted to keep the design close to me.
Of course, that didn't happen. I moved, mags got tossed.

Suddenly, I found this home...as I said very very similar.
It would suit my lifestyle nicely. It's small, beautifully detailed,
that centerpiece pool becomes integral to every area of the house.

You have everything you need here, at least for me...with
adult children to whose homes I go rather then vice-versa.

Notice the complimentary art work which just seems to tie the entire
decor together.

I actually don't like those throw pillows, but I couldn't find anything else
I didn't like.

I actually don't know if I like all those different style hanging lighting
fixtures, but I will defer to all you interior designer ladies.

could any of you single ladies or empty nester's 
live in this house?

& something else I just adore,
this chair
for me it is to D.I.E. for

reminds me of Ms. Quartermaine's fabrics



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  1. Marsha, what a beautiful home. Adore the overall design layout. We could live there! The lighting looks good; however, we might would change some up a bit to fit our style a little more. Love the chair!
    XO Angela and Renee

  2. Marsha - you have to have this home:) It is beautiful and can only imagine what it would look like after you do your magic on it. xo

  3. It's a beautiful house and who wouldn't like to live in one like it, but at the end of the day could one call it HOME?

  4. Random tweets from an empty nest...I could most certainly live here. Total luxe! As for the lightfittings, none seem to dominate the other, so it works! They are all quite lovely. The pool area looks amazing.As for that chair! Beaming it over to Cape Town right this instant!! Will show no mercy!

  5. The layout is fabulous but I'm not fond of the lighting nor the throw pillows. Yep, I could live there...if there's pasture for the animals -grin-.

  6. If you insist I guess I could make myself grow to love the house..lol. WOW...spectacular is an understatement, its fabulous and over the top gorgeous!

  7. If I could personalize a few things, I think the layout would be fabulous! So open and, at the same time, cozy.

    Alas, living in the north, it's not very practical. May I just visit you instead?


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