Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Great White-Out

 As you know, I'm a great espouser of 

But, also of 

No one can go wrong with either
a combination of the two.

Add an accent color...and you're complete.
Especially when travelling.


The pieces below can be in almost everyone's
wardrobe, they are budget-friendly X10,
which just goes to prove we don't have to
be "investment dressing" everywhere we go.

GAP crocheted lace-trimmed dress. Under $50
to die for, even wear shiny bike shorts underneath
for a more covered-up look.

H & M Lace Waistcoat/Vest $25.00
buy 2 of these bargain pieces so when one wears out
you have another.

ALL SAINTS White Maxi Dress $250
& how cute is this with the lace vest?

WHITE tote with brass feet,
cannot find price or source,
but something like this,
even if it only lasts ONE season.

RAG & BONE islet jacket $600

BCBG @ Lord & Taylor Enameled Chain Necklace $58
I would wear this myself.
So so cute, so young & new looking.

REPPETO Nelson Oxford @ La Garconne $203
a must-have !!

any of these or something "like" these
will give a great summer look.

Years ago, waaaaay back when, I would always travel with a
beautiful signature scarf...tied around my handbag if it was too warm
to actually drape it around myself...I also wear them twisted around 
my head on a bad-hair day.  Buy the largest ones you can find
in a natural fiber fabric, they can be wraps around a swimsuit,
hair ornaments, shawls, skirts, tops...or if you're in a romantic
mood try draping them over the lamp in your hotel room...they give
a lovely feeling to the room, like an Arabian tent in 1001 Nights.

I'm going back to this scarf routine now, 
along with the black/white rule.

Baggage costs too much $$.
Baggage is way too much trouble to handle yourself.
"Stuff" encumbers us.



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