Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inspiration Dior....

all from Vogue Russia June 2011

just beautiful...

how will Dior do post Galliano?


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  1. It may be hot out but I'd wear one of those coats and just happily suffer. Hmmm..Dior will hopefully flourish; time will tell.

    Marsha sending you all my best for a fabulous weekend ahead. I hope you are staying cool. Baby it's hot outside!!

    Much love,

  2. Dear Marsha,
    Dior always has such glamour! They seem to outdo every years collection! If I had the body (and the pocket book) I would take the gray !

    Renee and Angela

  3. gorgeous, regal, for a queen!!

  4. Beautiful images,,the Vogue Russia shot is truly stunning! Thanks for dropping by and for your advice and follow...I really appreciate it. Thank you.

  5. I am so happy to see this. When I was in Russia, they had no choice.
    Every Hotel across Russia had Beige brocade draperies, everywhere the same fabric. I gave my guide my design magazines, she went wild.
    They made beige and when that was gone something else. Remember old Henry Ford, all black. This was 1980
    Russia was so mystical, and beautiful.All art was owned by the state. OUCH!!

  6. All spectacular. It will be hard to match his talent - will be curious who they choose!

  7. Opulent and gorgeous all of it... but I would fall for the red one any day! Thanks so much for the invite to the wedding blog party and for joining my new blog, Marsha. Much aprreciated:)

  8. Such incredible workmanship...going to be a hard act to follow!!

  9. I've always adored Dior; so classic, Marsha!

  10. Marsha,

    stunning and creative images. Dior never fails to impress. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    P.S. Please come and give me your take on this new exiting series I'm starting today. Have a great weekend!


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