Monday, June 27, 2011

this & that .....

OK, these are my 2 new outfits for Fall/Winter,
both The Row

not with these booties...
but with about 10 ropes of pearls
or maybe a huge choker...

other than a black-tie gala I can't think of anywhere
these 2 outfits won't take me...

mixed with other things I already own,
accessorized to the hilt...
great handbags, shoes, jewelry

look at the precious lace skirt worn daytime and looking great...

and this, perfection of dressing when travelling...
I called it European white...

something we're diddling with...this entirely hand-made ring
(well except for the pearl)

reminiscent of my old office....really...
now you see why I miss my job so much...


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  1. Marsha, I love both outfits! I am a huge fan of white or black! I have learn quite a bit being your friend... and I am better for it!
    What a gorgeous office. Yes, no wonder! Their loss, our gain!
    xo Yvonne

  2. Wonderful whites and amazing choices Marsha!
    Dianne :-)

  3. Love the outfits and can sooo understand why you miss your job. Their loss our benefit. Mona

  4. Cannot think about fall and winter BUT these are all gorgeous and such practical elegant pieces......

  5. I actually love all four outfits! Yes, I can certainly see why you miss your old office!

    ~ Tracy

  6. Marsha, great classics, and I love to mix and match or change out the accessories for a completely new look!

    Art by Karena

    I have a New, very fashionable Giveaway on my site! Come and enter!

  7. Beautiful... all of it!
    Love the new ring too :)

  8. As always, beautiful and stylish choices. Adore the ring!

  9. I love beautiful clothes...and these are amazing! Since I've lost weight I have more fun putting together outfits! LOVE the ring! It's just the kind of jewelry I enjoy wearing! ♥

  10. Oh I love that handbag... I think it's a Chloe - so stylish and smart!

  11. I am not usually a lace lover, but both of those skirts are chic!

    And that ring! Can we order it with another color of pearl?

  12. Can I tell you how much I LOVE The Row??!! What a spectacular line - was looking at a few fall pieces lately I loved but unfortunately out of my price range!! And I obviously would have loved your old office!!

  13. Wow love your 2 new outfits is Row a designer? never heard of them in the UK.
    Would love to see you modelling them especially with a pearl choker & the gorgeous pearl ring. Ida

  14. Yes, my Dear, I can certainly see and feel why you miss your shop!


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