Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Water Featured

I want to be here, right now...

 water feature with all those irregular round lamps
makes me happy

beach on St. John island
US Virgin Islands

as you can tell, I'm just dying to go away for summer holiday



  1. Gasping in urn delight! Those urns are heaven...and the water looks so inviting...

    From: all wrapped up in winter woolies xxx


  2. Wow, Marcha! Over the top posts today!!! Your creative juices are bubbling over!!! Fantastic! The other day, you posted some pics of new jewelry but I couldn't find them on your shop. Where can we see them?

  3. Came home for a coffee break and then its out to the trenches again:) THANK YOU for this tiny little getaway..ahhhhh, feel better already!!

  4. I would love to have that first pic in my back yard! I really want something zen like this! Thanks for the sweet comment about my pup! xo

  5. St. John Island looks absolutely beautiful...summer holidays on the way...

  6. I will be there too,my beutiful fren Marsha...together:-)))*
    Many talkings,many walking...many unusual joy and pleasure in your vacation time!!!


  7. A trip to St. Johns would make me very happy too.

  8. wow.....fab photos......I am so into just being away too!!

  9. All of the water features look so cool and refreshing, but the beach is divine!

  10. I want to be on that pool too. Coming to think of it, I want to be anywhere in those pics :D

  11. OMG!!!

    Wish I wasn't leaving Australia now..!

    xx C

  12. Marsha, you've got me dreaming of the Virgin Islands again! Haven't been there in a number of years, but I so loved St. John! Took a seaplane to get there!!

    Gorgeous images you've shared!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  13. Now I am sure I am going to get the water fountain for the front of the house. I sit there and have a bird bath and feeders . That fountain will make the birds come around. They like the sound of water.Never been to St Johns, Feb. would be nice for me with snow up to my knees. Call me in Jan. I'll go with ya. The VET called and said come and get THOR'S ashes,my friend said we will go with you. They said it upset them, when they had to do it. Well I am going alone and if I have to pull off the hwy. and scream, I will. I dream of him every night. Yvonne

  14. How beautiful. There's obviously something about water - it has such a soothing restorative power!!

  15. Here again - a little dream of get-away to luxury! It's just the beautiful water-images who make me dream.....

  16. Beautiful images Marsha. I wish I had a pool like that. Have a great week!

  17. I SO want to go away too. We postponed our holiday until the end of August. The pictures are stunning. I wish I lived near some water! xx


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