Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gaultier & Elie Saab

Beautiful collections just shown in Paris
are from Jean Paul Gaultier and Elie Saab

some beautiful pieces from Gaultier follow

ballet-inspired collection featuring the lovely ribboned shoes
& headpieces.

beautiful colors merged together

and now Elie Saab

to see more go over to and see the complete collections

I spent from 7:45am today until 8:30pm tonight with one
of my girlfriends who was having shoulder-replacement
surgery.  I am happy to report that she came through splendidly.
Those of us who live in Houston are truly blessed to be amidst 
one of the top medical centers in our country.   
My girlfriend's husband just "didn't feel well enough to take
her to the hospital" or to even put in an appearance.  
I'm trying to understand.
I've know them for many many years.
Of course, he knew I would step in 
and take her and then stay with her.

He's afflicted with his malady often yet he refuses to go to a doctor.
Do we, his friends, need to talk to him?
Not only for his own well-being but that of his wife as well.




  1. First off she is lucky to have you as a friend, wishing her a speedy recovery (he is darn lucky to have you as a friend too:)
    Love the fashions though I cannot bring myself to think about fall! That last gown stopped me dead in my tracks- to die for!

  2. Love both these designers. JPG is epic and am addicted to the fragrance as well! Those Ellie Saab dresses are dreamy...


  3. Totally agree with Tina - she is lucky to have you and if it were me I would have to say something but I am rather opinionated so... As for the fashion - GORGEOUS!! I always adore Elie Saab but the Gaultier is fabulous as well - just love the long black dress with the red gloves and the cape outfit!!

  4. Love the fashions.

    So glad your friend is doing well. As for her husband, all I can think of to say is "What?" Perhaps a gentle conversation reminding him that she is his wife. Through sickness and in health?

  5. Pleased your friend is recovering, although sounds like she's got an equally large challenge at home. Thank goodness she can count on you! The fashion is divine. I'm over-the=top on the 2nd JPG (brown ballet). And my feeling is nobody does an elegant Old World gown like Elie Saab. Lovely post. All the best with your friend & her health & home situation.
    Dressology HQ


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