Monday, July 18, 2011

Some Street-Style Comments

Caroline, Managing Director, Tank Magazine,
doesn't she look lovely?

return of the scarves
& hair ornaments

& then there are these gals, all wonderful

some of you may know of my disdain for "jeans" as a uniform for ALL women,
no matter the going off what I just culled from street-style photographers
of note and my own eclecticness, I'll show you why:

an unknown blogger
& an unknown young woman

unless you're a student or an intern for a business,
my guess is that you would look better in some nice slacks
or a beautiful long skirt, as shown below...

there are just so many ways to look pretty,
and very few of us are Cameron Diaz or Gisele Bundchen
(tall & lean).

I wear some soft gray jeans with lycra sometimes,
always with a tee or blouse, and a real jacket,
and awesome shoes & bag.  

The jeans might work to attend a football game,
going to garage sales, flea markets and the
farmer's markets, maybe your local drugstore,
or camping out.

So, what do you think? 
Is there an age?  Or is it a style?