Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Hair & Dresses

some really precious outfits,
gorgeous hair...

& budget conscious

The Dress: BCBG Taja Printed Strapless Minidress, $238

The Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs Printed Silk Dress, $280

Hair from Marc Jacobs Show
The Dress: J.Crew Toga Dress, $150

The Dress: Asos Salon Lace Shift Dress, $258.59

The Dress: Calypso Embroidered Maxi Dress, $375,

The Dress: Nicole Miller Water Washed Georgette Strapless Gown, $106

going to the Texas Hill Country for the holiday weekend,
sending best wishes for tons of fun
& a maybe a bit of contemplation about
our Independence Day
& how each of us is empowered to protect
the values for which it stands.



  1. Oh gorgeous...

    lovin' the hair,

    and I'm really into the lace dresses these days... they're so feminine and sexy ♥

  2. such lovely dresses and hair the long dress with the braided pretty..
    wishing you a fabulous weekend,

  3. Hi sweet lady, loving the Marc Jacobs blue print! Sharon xx

  4. Have a fabulous weekend Marsha...thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your sweet's a Wimbledon weekend for us!


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