Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More, What I Love Now....

How can I say this?
Marc Jacobs Fall 2011
doesn't seem enough.

some of my readers may already know I believe there
are 3 American designers who have it ALL.

The Row
Tom Ford
Marc Jacobs

This beauty from Marc Jacobs proves that point
very very well.

2 pieces

The allure of elegance with a bit of whimsy.
Slightly sheer dark forest green top with black satin peplum.
Skirt of whimsical polka-dots with shimmer, 
flaring at the back like a mermaid tail.

perhaps evoking the 1940's a bit?

Marc, always cutting edge, here with a style I could wear to every single
event of the coming season (well, I wouldn't, but it would be appropriate).

Not the usual.
Simply splendid.


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  1. I second that.....perefectly splendid. One of his best to date.

  2. Simply superb, Marsha!

    Heartily greetings from Périgord,

    P.S. Sorry for not commenting for a while, still sorting out the music festival. Will catch up very soon!

  3. I am counting on you to keep me fashion forward!
    xo Yvonne

  4. What a shape .. to me fashion is about shape.. and cut . then fabric and colour.
    I too am now in the mood for fall I have hung all my hats on the wall exited by the prospect of wearing them xx

  5. Another splendid choice Marsha!

  6. We love macro jacobs but must wait for sales.

    Happy Wednesday

    Renee and Angela

  7. Beautiful - and you know I am a HUGE Row fan!! I just discovered a fabulous store in NYC that has all sorts of unknown European designers - I thought of you when I stopped in yesterday. I will be posting about it - it is truly amazing - I could have bought everything!!

  8. Simply stunning, Marsha...so elegant...I would love it!
    Thanks for dropping by...lovely to hear from you.
    Lots of love


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