Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dinner at the Home of Good Friends...

You know how nice it is to go to good friend's homes, 
feel completely at ease, everyone's happy...
I have good friends like this, in particular they both love to cook,
and while they are busily preparing dinner, everyone sits around in
their very homey wonderful kitchen, because they have a banquette.

They have a huge commercial kitchen, with like a 10-burner Viking
range, a big island with pots hanging, but what makes it all so great is
that comfy banquette where we all gather.
 We look at scrapbooks of travels, tell stories,
do impersonations of our friends, and drink lots of good wine.

I've always wanted a banquette because of these experiences.


goodness, I love this one...

their kitchen is a lot like this one....
sending love Hans & Jill...


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