Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Handbags from Splenderosa

All Under $35.00

as promised, a selection of small handbags from a vendor
who does very excellent quality work for the price
(as you might see in Macy's),
bags I would carry myself, or give as gifts.

Leopard Microfibre Print  
supply very limited
snap open clutch

Small Pouch, with detachable strap
Leather-like & Suede-like Material
Black or Pink Tiger Print
$ 14.00

Bronze or Silver Leather-Like Material 
Snap-Closure Clutch

Gold or Black Metallic Clutch with Crystal Band
14" Wide

I will be posting these on Page 3 of the blog.
But they are immediately available.

Supplies are very limited,  
so if you like them grab them now by sending an
email to us:

I will send you a PayPal invoice,  
minimal shipping amount to your area will be added.

Hair Ornaments,  Headbands,  +  Jewelry 
Coming This Week.


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  1. Love the bronze clutch with the bling...great selections and prices!

  2. Phew, if I had to buy another's an illness that I love!


  3. nice bags. I have to clean up my act.Company tomorrow.

    The 34 is the Art Party at night outside.
    I am exausted. Hanging lights getting tablecloths,
    card tables and chairs, centerpices
    all dried berries, and putting up torches and lanterns. Now the weather cast says ---- NO, the photo below looked so lovely.

  4. i am loving the tiny / narrow black bag with the rhinestones.
    it is


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