Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fashion's Look Right Now...

so much to love about this...
all the different textures, colors & patterns
(notice the glen-plaid skirt)
mustard turtleneck, green belt w/silver buckle,
gold jewelry, all rocks it now.

what do you think?

would you dare to wear?


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  1. I just hope that the fur is fake Marsha. It's not really my look but, I LOVE her make up !! XXXX

  2. Gorgeous! But I would never be able to carry this off. Perhaps some of the pieces separately, but definitely not the mustard polo-neck :-(

  3. I love this look and would wear it. I love the layers and the unpredictable color combinations.
    Have a great day...Victoria

  4. I also noticed turtle necks were in many fashion shows this season! I would definitely wear all of this, this is GREAT fashion!!!! Much love 2 u xo

  5. She reminds may of jerry Hall's hay days! drop dead gorgeous and the look can work on shorter girls like me! just have to get the high, high heels out!
    have a lovely w/end
    bee xxx

  6. Don't think I could pull off that outfit!

  7. I wish I could.....sadly not tall enough! Have a wonderful weekend Marsha....xv


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