Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kristen Stewart, Vogue Ilalia

Kristen Stewart By Michelangelo Di Battista For Vogue Italia | November 2011

by Kate Van Raden

via Kate Van Raden's Golden Eye

Kate is a favorite of mine, a lovely young woman in London, who has
amazing creative talent.

I saw Kristen Stewart on one of the late night talk shows this week and was
surprised how tall she is, she still acts like a young girl, fidgeting, twirling hair, giggling...
but she is captivating anyway, and you want to watch her.
Blake Lively is only a few years older, but is just so much more sophisticated
in an All-American girl way, and I'm a huge fan of her style, etc.
But, I can certainly see Kristen as one of America's best actresses in years to come.

have a lovely weekend ladies



  1. She looks so grown up and glamorous even brooding as she is in the pics.....very pretty.

  2. Beautiful shoot!!! The European magazines just seem to have a more artistic bent, no?

  3. She looks lovely, though I am not a fan of her work, and the photography is beautifully deep and well-considered...

    Hope you are enjoying this weekend...
    xx, Sarah

  4. Kristen is so beautiful but yes, a little lost still. Being everything but a 'girly girl' I can only imagine how uncomfortable she must feel with all the media attention and the pressure to live the part.

    I love how she photographs - especially close up. Her face has such stunning features.

    Hugs from afar.

    xx C

    P.S. Marshall left on Saturday after two weeks here with us. It was his imminent departure that prevented me from participating in the latest BIO. We are all so sad and raw after his departure and it seems the tears won't stop flowing. Not such happy times right now, but will bounce back soon. xx


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