Monday, December 12, 2011

Are You Ready ?

I saw this, do not know where it originated, and that's too bad
because this is a really beautiful piece whose provenance deserves
to be known.

so simple, so easy to do, & so delightful

there are some areas of New York City that look exactly like this.
I always wonder what beauties lie beyond the doors.

would you join us for dinner tonight?


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  1. Stunning post.....yes that bauble is gorgeous and all those snow pictures having me crave a big snow fall! Go figure just when I declared I hate winter, now I want snow:)

  2. Gorgeous necklace and ALL these beautiful images!!!
    Enchanted,beautiful time:-)*


  3. Lovely Marsha... and yes please for dinner... What time? xv

  4. What a gorgeous post Marsha!
    It is simply heaven to visit blogland at this time of the year - so much inspiration and happiness.

    Big hugs
    xx C

  5. Beautiful winter images. The necklace is pure fabulosity.

  6. Gorgeous images Marsha ... and so very different to what I'm going to find back 'home'!
    Thank you for your lovely words dear friend ... and answering your question to "Are you ready?" .... the answer is NO from me (but I'm sure it will all happen before tomorrow night when we fly out).

    The happiest of holidays to you and your family Marsha!!

  7. I'll say, that is a fabulius necklace.
    Well, Tues. Morning it's 25 but the sun is here. I have had a busy week of Lunches at friends and parties this week end.
    Four of us are taking the train to Boston and see the rockettes. OOOh! dinner in the Northend, best Italian food., Hope you are having a great holiday week.


  8. Hello Marsha,

    So much pretty inspiration! I adore each image you have shared... the branch with the hanging lanterns is amazing :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful week my friend! I have been meaning to stop by and say "hello" all last week...



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