Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Party

you know how you can walk into someone's home and feel
completely comfortable?
last night I went to a lovely holiday party, cocktail buffet, and the
home felt like this picture.

fireplace going, friends mingling, everyone dressed in some kind of red.
the hostess had on a wonderful red plaid skirt & black sweater, 
she looked perfect.

the guests were some of the most interesting people, so conversation was
excellent and ranged from politics to movies.

I said I couldn't possibly see War Horse because of the violence depicted, and
even though it's a Spielberg film & has a good ending, the action sequences
would be too much for me.
now, compare this to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.
I will see this, and we ALL know there is hideous violence in this one.
so what is the difference?  animals, horses & people?

I thought the book just went on & on & on, with superfluous scenes meaning 
nothing, and really did not like the ending with the missing woman ending up
happily in that's my book review...hopefully, the movie
will have eliminated some of those scenes...but how on earth do they change
the ending?

anyway, great party.  it has definitely put me in a holiday spirit so I will
begin wrapping gifts today, finish shopping, and make various jewelry gifts
for my girlfriends.  and, Christmas necklaces for all the big dogs in the family. 
I'm making them out of large red "disco balls" which glitter, weighting them so
they hang properly and ending up with a large silver filigree heart dangling down.
the dogs look so beautiful & proud when they wear them.


& now onward...
announcing our "By Invitation Only" virtual luncheon in Paris
New Year's Day.

the subject for the membership is 
"going forward"

please come see what we're all up to for 2012

so while all our men are footballing we will wing our way to
Paris for the day where we will have a ladies luncheon at some
wonderful, as yet undisclosed,  place, and share our dreams, wishes, fashions and gossip.

are you just about now?

January 1, 2012


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