Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ring in the New Year the Right Way...

Doesn't it seem hard to believe we've passed through Christmas-time
and here we are at 2012?

For me it was all so fast this year.
Do you think it makes a difference when you're happy?

Only time will tell me that one.

But, for now we'll celebrate the fact that we all know & respect each other,
our virtual, but altogether real, friends in the blogisphere.

Today the ladies of
"By Invitation Only"
the invited group of international bloggers welcome you to join our fun
as we celebrate together in PARIS...
lunch in Paris with all the girls?

At Pre Catelan Restaurant,
Murano chandeliers, white orchids, crispy white linen tablecloths, crystal and heavy silverware, the lush gardens of the Bois de Boulogne.
One of the most girly girl places I know in Paris. 

(I hear it's thought by the locals to be "nouveau riche" but I'm from Texas
and everything here is new, and no matter, the place is a dream...even if for only one time).

Imagine arriving at this beautiful place, away from the city bustle, 
surrounded by beautiful gardens and a park.  
Perfection for a Ladies Champagne Luncheon, no?

I've worried about what I was going to wear (of course !!! ) because I know
everyone else will be gorgeously attired...but, in fact, I went back to an outfit
I featured months ago from Diane Von Furstenberg...I loved it then, and I still do.
What do you think?

add tons of Splenderosa necklaces, maybe jade, maybe
Peruvian opals with turquoise & gold ?

I adore these shades of the same color group, don't you?
Looks new, looks young, looks NOW.

But, on to important things, like my thoughts on
"going forward"

  • to realize how truly blessed I am with the friends & family I have
  • including blogland friends, whom I cherish
  • have time to actually smell the roses & enjoy it
  • travel more, learn more, embrace life more & enjoy it
  • go back to Italy, the place I love the most
  • to understand I know who I am & to trust my opinions/decisions
  • share my life's experiences with the younger generation by mentoring
  • understand my adult children's choices are their own, not mine
  • start dancing again, even if alone
  • stop worrying !!!!
  • concentrate on my jewelry-designing more. create
  • start painting again
  • trust my instincts (did I already say this?)
  • throw out all my old shoes, no matter how beautiful
  • throw out everything I will never wear again, except vintage
  • take a cooking class because dinner tonight was a disaster
  • do not suffer impossible people because I feel obligated, draw the line
  •  know I have a certain style and nothing else will do, fashion or not.
  • open my mail the day it comes & do not allow clutter on my desk
  • work hard in political situations this year as our lives may depend on who is elected
  •  workout
  • workout
  • workout
  • know I will never understand someone else's motivations or opinions & that I cannot change their incorrect behaviors or thoughts.  Believe me, this is gonna be hard.
  • have a dinner party once-a-month in my home, this is only 12x 's a year, I should be able to do this, right?
  • love the Lord as much as He love me, and show this love everyday

Welcome 2012, an entire new adventure awaits us.
I promise not to waste it.

Love to all of my girlfriends, and this means YOU !!!

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