Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sending Love to Kristin...

my lovely friend in Norway, Kristin @ A Page of Inspiration

was sweet enough to post about a group of bracelets she won from
Splenderosa Jewelry Designs

the photos are hers, taken directly from her blog today...
please hop over to see her soon.

they are so pretty for the price and are still available...
Sam @ Carolina Kitchens won these bracelets too & Therese @ LaDolfina won a stretchable
turquoise/gold ring
  Both have told me how much they enjoy them.

On the flip side, we sent a package to France and, unfortunately, almost nothing was
correct and we disappointed the recipient very much.  
Of course, we will replace/repair  ANYTHING/EVERYTHING 
at no cost or give her full credit,  but we made a mistake...
had to be upfront and tell you.

I'm extremely busy right now, moving from my townhome to a bigger home with a real garden/yard for me and my flowers and a place to creep around for my little doggies.  
Townhouse living is lovely, but not nearly enough room outdoors for our needs.  

I hate moving (like everyone else), but I'm happily packing away.  

I may not post as regularly as before, but I am alive & well.

Love to each of you, my darling friends...



  1. I feel your pain about moving....good luck but it sounds like you are moving onto greener pastures and thats always a good thing!
    Now lets talk about those gorgeous bracelets...I want them! Forget about gifts, I want them for myself, am going to email you..they are GORGEOUS!

  2. Happy moving! And I do adore the gold bangles -xo

  3. May the move go smoothly, and your new surroundings welcoming!

  4. OMG..............looks amazing!!!

    Marsha,I´ve alwys said: YOU are SO contemporary designer!
    Like these images with you bracelets extremely much:-)))*


  5. Awww,,,what a mission Marsha, I know! But it will be worth it when you are all settled and happy! Love the jewels. Lucky gals!



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