Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside....

here in Texas we have a only a few days of really cold weather during winter,
more often its like today...dreary, overcast, not quite raining, and about 65f.

because of this we don't get our coats out too often
& all of us girls miss that part of dressing...

so here are a few pretty women wearing various coats & outerwear...

the aubergine cape outfit if my fav, but I don't often dress like this anymore.  sad to say.



  1. oh the white coat is so gorgeous! have a nice weekend, darling! xo

  2. Well Marsha,
    It is supposed to get to -12C here at the weekend and we are meant to be going out on Sunday to celebrate my birthday with the family. I shall have to put every coat that I own on !! haha
    My favourite out of your selection is #3 and #10.
    It is positively summer in Texas !! XXXX

  3. I love capes and swing coats! These images are beautiful Marsha!

  4. I luv luv No 12 on the elegant! I am going to have such fun choosing images for my series from all your stunning posts girlfriend!


  5. Heading back to Houston from London early next week hoping to find some warmer weather. This week's been so , so cold, Maybe snow tomorrow....

  6. Those are some stylish ladies in Texas!1 Here in the NE we wear down coats :)

  7. I like capes and warm fur coats,maybe nor from real fur...but absolutely stunning looks that is!!!

    Here in Holland also in one day: -18 below zero...............and outside is really Fairytale with much snow and sun:-)))*

    My Love and XXX to you,

  8. That aubergine cape outfit is also my Jackie O, down to the glasses -- except for the platform shoes, of course. When is that trend going to end? No one looks elegant walking in them. There was a time when I dressed like this too when I worked in NYC in the 1980s and 90s. Passages, my dear.
    XOXO Victoria

  9. Lucky for u!!! Here in Italy we are freezing!!! Toooooooooo cold!! Very nice post!!


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