Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Coffee or Tea ?

This kitchen has charmed me completely,
and the photography of the coffee is amazing,
isn't it ?


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  1. Love that island! and the coffee photo .. now that is a one in a million shot!! HHL

  2. Also love that kitchen, especially the chandelier and zinc topped island. The photo of the coffee is incredible - I would love to know how they managed to capture that and how much coffee they had to spill in the process? x Sharon

  3. Fabulous images Marsha ...... I wish that I had that zinc topped island thingy !!....and the coffee image is brilliant.
    I will definitely be posting on Tuesday for BIO....just got to get my thinking cap on !! XXXX

  4. Charming for sure! Coffee for me all the it strong bold, Peets or Starbucks!

  5. The person that caught that shot was either a genius or very fast. Pretty kitchen with the zinc top island.

  6. That kitchen is gorgeous, but the coffee pic is fabulous.
    Now I'll have my cup of coffee.
    Have a happy day.

  7. Fabulous kitchen! And the coffee looks amazing! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  8. LOVE the feel of this kitchen....the island is so original!
    The photography is pretty amazing too!

    Have a great day sweets!

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  9. I'm charmed with you,'s fabulous. Adore the beautiful island with the zinc top, and don't they make spilling coffee look like a good thing?!

  10. Such a fun photo. Love the inspiration of the island.

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  11. Love the Coffee Photo!

    Kitchen is wonderful, too.


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