Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fashion Bracelets New from Splenderosa

Cuff Bracelets
 latest trend designs

2 1/2 " wide
I have this turquoise one on right now & it is smashing.
I would wear it anywhere & not be worried about the other girls 
thinking it looked "cheap" because it doesn't...it looks fabulous!
The gold metal is pliable enough to shape it to fit your wrist easily.

 above style available in 4 colors:
turquoise, white, amber & red
$ 30 ea

following style is 3.75" wide
bold starburst of stones,
available in 4 colors:
$30 ea
the above cuff bracelets are very wide, almost like amulets,
they would be completely awesome worn on each arm,
a little pair of earrings the ONLY other jewelry you would need.
Talk about a fabulous look !

 below, hammered cuff, available in 
white, black, turquoise
3.75" wide
$29 ea
 following adjustable/stretchable bracelets
in the "Dog-Eared" jewelry style

cross $19 each

I have received many orders for the "Love" bracelets,
they are delightful, hip, trendy and comfortable to wear.
Sold in many stores for around $79...
mine are much much less.

"cross" & "love" stretchables are $24 ea

email to order