Saturday, March 17, 2012

Country Time....


perfect shabby chic conservatory for my "inner country girl" farm house 

my kind of country

\I don't think I can get totally away from country/farm style.  I adore these ruffles

& I love this too

country industrial; love the old farm table & lighting

in all of Texas right now there are the most beautiful wild flowers in full bloom,
we often stop along the road side and pull out big clumps, like the one above...
but it's illegal to pick/pull bluebonnets and Indian paint brushes.

those cows are made of gold

...we will stop at every farmer's market within a 30 mile radius, and grill fresh vegetables on the beach.

stop along the way at various produce stands, and sometimes have a glass of wine
with the owners.  pretty cool?   yes, and a good way to meet your neighbors.


other neighbors


our state flower, the bluebonnet

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