Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Water People....

I have a theory that there are really only 2 kinds of people, 
those who love the water and anything surrounding water,
and those who love the mountains, the hills & the dales.

I'm a water person.
I don't want to be IN the water, just around it.

water this color is definitely real. 
 It is the most amazing turquoise you've ever seen &
you can see all the way to the bottom when the wind isn't blowing the waves.


those black silk moire cushions replicate the waves, don't you think?

I think this is one of the most beautiful photographs I've ever seen.

are you water or mountains?




  1. Actually, I am both. I live in the mountains in the winter. During the summer (and occasional weekends during the rest of the year) I am by the water in New England. I love them equally and couldn't give up one for the other.

  2. I am definitely a water person :) Beautiful photo Marsha! XX

  3.'s in my soul...beautiful photo, indeed...xo

  4. I'm not sure what I should say :) I spent 38 yrs living along the southern coast(malibu area) and now I'm living in the mountains with lakes near by.. There are times I miss the beach, but I'm loving the change of scenery and the seasonal changes. These photos make me want to live near the water again..

    leslie ;)

  5. Water every time Marsha - beautiful photo. F x

  6. Most of my life I would have said I'm a mountain and woods girl but when I see a beautiful body of water, be it brook, river, waterfall, lake or sea, I'm a water girl. While I'm drawn to the cozy intricacies of the mountains and woods, there's something truly liberating seeing the expanse of an ocean...or a broad sky or even a desert. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photo. And, yes! As you mentioned, the moire is reminiscent of waves.

  7. It's water for me.

  8. Fabulous and I would love to be right there!

  9. I am exactly like yourself--I love to be neeeaar the water, not in it. I live by the edge of the Rhone River in Arles (Provence) and walk there nearly every day with my pupper. It gives me a sense of peace--it is always moving along and is a great reminder that nothing is permanent, so don't fight it! ;)

  10. Marsha, Is this gorgeous or what? I am with you. The most beautiful image of water!

    Happy Thursday.

  11. Mountain person here! Nothing makes me happier then being deep in the forest with our Dylan dog with nature all around. Although a brief visit to water every once in a while makes me pretty dang happy!


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  13. I completely agree! I am a WATER person but I live in the mountains. Every vacation must include a water view!

  14. Currently I'm both. We live on the coast in the winter and the mountains in the summer and have the best of both worlds. If it came down to just one, the water would win out. Always does.

    But I'll tell you this from living in one of the most beautiful island chains in the whole world with gin clear turquoise waters, you need to leave every once in a while to appreciate the beauty around you and see it with fresh eyes when you return. Probably applies to wherever you live.

  15. Definitely prefer the water!! To me there is nothing like a beautiful waterfront vacation. Have a great day.


  16. Water all the way! And I even have to go IN.


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